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A Modern Take on the Bandolier

Not a modern take on the bandolier

The term "Bandolier" evokes images of a different era. For years, fighting men the world over used bandoliers to conveniently and flexibly carry rounds for their weapons. During the late 1800's to the mid 1900's bandoliers were standard issue in many militaries. This is especially true for countries that deployed weapons systems that used "chargers" or stripper clips for weapons loading. Examples include the Mosin Nagant, the 8mm Mausers, and even auto-loading rifles such as the SKS.

Bandoliers falling out of use

The adoption of magazine feeding systems in preference to clips and chargers marked a shift away from bandoliers. Larger pouches worn on a belt or attached to specially designed harnesses became popular. These larger pouches were poorly suited to the typical bandolier sling.

Although the bandolier has diminished in popularity, the need that bandoliers addressed is still with us. A bandolier helps an individual carry a significant quantity of ammunition while maintaining a high degree of mobility and flexibility. A bandolier is easily removed or transferred making it a convenient, unobtrusive, minimal fuss, every-day use piece of equipment.

A Modern approach to the bandolier

The MOLLE Panel Bandolier

The MOLLE Panel offers a modern take on the bandolier, giving the user the benefits detailed above and much more. Adaptable to any weapons platform through the use of specialized MOLLE pouches, the MOLLE Panel is a pragmatic and elegant piece of equipment.

The Alternative to a Full Tactical Chest Rig

Short of a full tactical chest / vest rig, what options are available to equip a mobile shooter? Prior to the MOLLE Panel, the next best option to the tactical vest for mobile firepower was stacking and taping magazines together. This approach obviously has its limits.

The real alternative comes in the form of the MOLLE Panel. The MOLLE Panel fills the gap left by other tactical equipment manufacturers. A user now has the to option set up a light-weight, adaptable, capable bag to suit their own requirements. The user need not sacrifice their comfort or mobility or flexibility for increased firepower.

Setting Up the MOLLE Panel

See how easy it is to make a bandolier from a MOLLE Panel:

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