Updated 23 January 2015

Edited 24 January 2015

Available in all colors. We are excited to offer the MOLLE Panel for sale once again. Bags will begin shipping 30 January. Thank you all for your support and patience while we worked to produce the next batch of MOLLE Panels. The features of this run of MOLLE Panels are exactly the same as all previous runs. With the Coyote MOLLE Panel, the color of Grimloc™ we're providing is Coyote Brown versus the Tan.

Updated 4 June 2012

Now available in Coyote Tan and Black (in addition to Olive Drab). Very soon after introducing the MOLLE Panel in Olive Drab back in February, many individuals asked about availability of other colors. The most frequently mentioned colors have been tan (coyote) and black. We're really pleased to be able to offer the MOLLE Panel in these additional colors starting today. Please consider subscribing to the mailing list for additional updates regarding product availability and other developments.

Updated 19 February 2012

The MOLLE Panel is available now! Information about the previous delay can be found here. Preorders won't be taken for announced variants, including new colors and sizes, but we will be happy to send you email with news about the MOLLE Panel. Please consider subscribing to the mailing list.

The MOLLE Panel is currently only available in Olive Drab. Any changes in availability and variations will be posted here and will also be communicated to the mailing list.