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The MOLLE Panel in Video

Watch videos of the MOLLE Panel, by the creator of the bag and by third parties. Know of a video that I've missed? Send and email to contact@themollepanel.com and let us know.


This review shows a unique way to use the MOLLE Panel, taking in a direction that I hadn't originally thought of. As a replacement to the traditional drop-leg panel, the MOLLE Panel offers advantages in size and flexibility over other options. Some valuable observations and honest criticism are shared as well, giving potential customers a great sense of whether the MOLLE Panel is the right option for them.

NeverEnuffAmmo's Youtube channel is a great source for firearms-related opinion and practical perspectives on lots of topics.


It's clear to see that Sootch "gets it". Not everybody sees the MOLLE Panel and understands what they are looking at. Sootch applies himself creatively in this video, and demonstrates some practical and inventive uses of the MOLLE Panel:

Subscribe to Sootch's Youtube channel for lots more great gear reviews and practical wisdom.


Youtube user Hiluxtaco approaches the bag with an eye toward Every Day Carry (EDC). This video details some of the bags features and gives additional inspiration on how a bag can be loaded out:


These videos are home-grown looks at the way I use the MOLLE Panel. Whether for EDC, WROL / Sheepdog / Minuteman situations or more, I've found a number of uses for my Panels: